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Podcast #0021: Graham Repulski

This week I talk to the elusive and mysterious man behind Graham Repulski, a lo fi music endeavor by a dude named Drew who lives somewhere in New Jersey making music in his basement.  I’m not sure we cut through the veil that surrounds his persona, but maybe we did, and if we didn’t, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Also, I have sort of given up on Peach Cobbler making, except I made one last weekend and it was pretty good. Practice does make perfect or at least edible.

Until next week…


Graham Repulski on the Interwebs:

Bandcamp | Facebook


Podcast #0020: Andrew Rothbard

We are back, back from a cobbler making hell of a peach variety, a hell in which I wasted many expensive organic ingredients in my pursuit of the ultimate (vegan) cobbler.

Let me tell you, it can’t be done! Butter, and gloriously refined sugar, are the keys to the ultimate cobbler, and avoiding them just results in gelatinous peach flavored Spackle (of course forgetting to add baking soda to the batter doesn’t help, but what can you do…).

Anyway, I was just wasting time until I could get the remaining VSS member, Andrew Rothbard, on the phone to find out why he doesn’t want to do the reunion shows that were rumored to possibly occur sometime in the future.

Turns out he does want to do a reunion…of sorts, sort of but not really, not “reunion” in its classic rock sense, but more like a meeting of minds to expand upon, you know, their collective past and see where they can go, together in the future or maybe not.

Anyway, this was a harrowing conversation on a few levels. You will here why.


Andrew Rothbard on the Interwebs:

Official | Music


Photo courtesy: Andrew Rothbard


Podcast #0019: Bryan Lee Brown

I discovered Bryan Lee Brown (aka Dark Brown aka Sid Brown) through his older brother, Jim, also a musician. I have been fascinated by their relationship ever since – they are very close. I don’t know what that’s like, despite having 3 siblings of my own, and though I had previously interviewed Bryan back in 2010, I didn’t get around to asking him about his relationship to his family nor how he views himself as a musician and drummer.

So, I took time off from laying around on the beaches of San Diego to drive up to LA and spend an afternoon getting to know Bryan better.

It was not disappointing.


Bryan Lee Brown on the Interwebs:

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Photo © Neil Busch


Podcast #0018: Josh Hughes

Welcome to this week’s podcast! It should come as no surprise that I am interviewing yet another member of The VSS, since, you know, I really like that band. It seems to be a trend with me, the liking of bands that no longer exist, and then pining for their reunion.  I think it’s the romantic in me that propels me toward lost causes. I’m hopelessly nostalgic too, so there’s that as well.

Anyway, I’ve now spoken to Sonny Kay and David Clifford about their time in Boulder, and in particular, their time in this band, producing a record that was well ahead of it’s time, that being Nervous Circuits, which you can pick up on

It’s been a harrying work week. When things get this tense I usually plug into my computer and get really busy so people leave me alone. I also blast music. This last week it’s been The VSS in on repeat. It’s one of those records that has the right amount of “Fuck off” with a bit of “Fine, what do you want?” – great for those days when life gets to be unbearable. So, I thought it would be interesting to speak to all the members of the band and get their perspective on their history and output.

So this week it’s guitarist/musician Josh Hughes.  It’s a helluva conversation.

Enjoy it!


Josh Hughes on the Interwebs:

Rabbits | Eolian Empire Records


Photo © Josh Hughes

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