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Interview With A Drummer: Jon Bafus

I came across Jonathon Bafus, a local Sacramento Drummer, when he and Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhart opened for Melt Banana with a totally improvised free jazz/noise set. His obvious exuberance and interesting kit configuration put him on the radar for our drummer Q&A. Since the he’s been playing around Sacto with Gentleman Surfer. I caught up with him via email and he graciously offered his two cents on the following….

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Photos: Melt Banana with Retox & Nick Reinhart/Jon Bafus


Monday night at Harlows was an all-new music experience for me. I’d heard of Melt Banana but had never sought out their music. Likewise, I’d heard of Retox (only recently since they’re relatively new anyway) but had only that week listened to their new release, Ugly Animals. Both bands commanded the stage in their own way and were extremely enjoyable (especially Melt Banana) but the real surprise was seeing Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos performing an improvisational jam with a local drummer I’d never heard. Turns out his name is Jon Bafus and he is insanely good! Watching them both create spontaneously was an inspiration and for me, the best part of the night.


All photos © Maria Antonia Colòn