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Interview With A Drummer: Jon Theodore

When, in the summer of 2011, I first put together the list of drummers I wanted to take this questionnaire, and feature them in a special edition of FLABmag, Deantoni Parks and Gabe Serbian topped the list.  Jon Theodore wasn’t even on the list.

Look, it’s not like I wouldn’t have welcomed his responses though.  I just figured he would say “No” or “Maybe” (which is worse) and then never come through (ahem).  But if it weren’t for Dave Clifford (who, of his own accord, sent the questionnaire to Jon) this Q&A never would have happened, and let’s face it, there aren’t many interviews with Jon Theodore out there, and certainly not one as expressive, insightful, humorous and inspiring as this one. So, Thanks Dave!

I’d like to point out that I created this questionnaire hoping to solicit responses that would give readers a more intimate snapshot of the drummers questioned: how they perceive themselves, their talents, the talent of others, and perhaps, provide some inspiration to would-be drummers around the world.

Jon Theodore (and a few others who took the questionnaire) nailed it!

So, enjoy this one. Seriously, take it to heart because I think homeboy must have been super self reflexive the summer of 2011 (when he took this questionnaire), and we might not get another opportunity to read such intimate details about who he is, how he thinks and why he does what he does.
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Photos: Life Coach

Long-time friends, Jon Theodore (Queens of the Stone Age, The Mars Volta, Golden) and Phil Manley (Trans Am, Golden), recently joined forces in a project called Life Coach – first initiated by Phil back in 2011.

What resulted is Alpha Waves, a full length record available now via Thrill Jockey Records.  They celebrated its release this past Saturday, April 20th (a fitting day, 4/20/Earth Day….) at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco to a crowd of friends and well-wishers, plus those of us who are long-time Golden/Trans Am fans.

It did the heart good to see them play together again – literally, you can see the warmth emanating through these images.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you should, (if you’re lucky they’ll play a few more gigs this summer) because you might not get to see them play together again for another year or more.

Life Coach on the Interwebs:

Facebook | Thrill Jockey

Photos © Maria Colòn


Life Coach’s Alphawaves

lifecoach-alphawavesWe’re very happy to hear these guys making music together again!

Life Coach on the Interwebs:

Facebook | Thrill Jockey

Jon Theodore’s Badass African-Jams Mix on OK AFRICA

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Photos: Phil Manley Life Coach & The Psychic Paramount

New York based instrumental rock trio, The Psychic Paramount has been on a tour of the states, including stops at Chicago’s Pitchfork Festival, and a few forays into Canada.  Last week they made their way through the Golden State, stopping in San Francisco to record new music at Lucky Cat Studio, and to play a set at new Mission Street music venue, Brick and Mortar.

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