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Q&A: Zechs Marquise’s Marfred Rodriguez Lopez

Marfred's pants/Photo: Alexandra Kathol

April 12, 2011, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco


The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez group played the GAMH along with opening act, Zechs Marquise, a band that is comprised primarily of Rodriguez-Lopez men. Marfred, Marcel and Rico, along with El Paso friends, Marcos and Matt took the stage to an outpouring of genial enthusiasm – save for the fanboy stage left who intermittently screamed, “Marfred makes me cream my panties!” (I swear to god, no joke.) His enthusiasm was most unctuous, but truth be told, highly warranted.

The stage presence of the gentlemen of Zechs can be best described as mild mannered. However, their musical chops are on par with the very best of experimental Prog Rock (read: they give their brother’s band a run for their money – even without a demon possessed lead singer).  Marfred mumbled into a microphone here and there barely audible but equally as genial as the audience. The big surprise of the night was that his brother Marcel turned out to be quite an accomplished drummer. He held down the groove throughout leading audience members to speculate whether or not he wasn’t the band leader or a “mini-Omar” as one guy put it. Whether he is or not, it is apparent the band is one that is comfortable with musical explorations, each other and any crowd that might be interested in hearing them play.

I had the opportunity to chat with Marfred after the show where he was much more audible and quite articulate.

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In Concert: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group w/ Le Butcherettes

Monday night, September 13, Omar Rodriguez Lopez and his group comprised of Juan Aldrete De La Peña (bass), Deantoni Parks (drums), Marcel Rodriguez Lopez (keys), Lars Stalfors (laptop)and Ximena Sariñana Rivera (vocals), played a far out set at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I almost didn’t go. Irrational fears of dying in a firey car wreck, caused by an inability to see clearly at night, had me hesitating but I told myself to take heart and get in the car otherwise miss out on what was sure to be a monumental experience. I drove the hour and a half to Frisco  listening to my new favorite band, San Francisco natives, Fops, without incident. I barely hit any traffic and even found free parking around the corner from the venue! The stars were surely aligned.

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