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Vin McCreith Gets Close with a Seemingly Taciturn Fan / Photo: Maria Colòn

Q&A with Vin McCreith of Adebisi Shank

FLABmag:  I know you’ve already been asked about the band name, but I read that you said it was meaningless, yet your Wikipedia page says it’s a nod to Simon Adebisi, one of the most notorious characters on the HBO prison drama, Oz.  If it’s true that it is that’s brilliant! My question is, what was your favorite storyline involving Adebisi on the show? (I loved when he went straight after hearing the African spirits calling him. Of course two episodes later he was up to his old tricks…I was a huge fan of the show!)

Vin McCreith: For real, Oz is one of our all time favourite shows alongside Homicide: Life on the Street. I just found out tonight that a friend of a friend in LA just gave Tom Fontana (creator of Oz!) an Adebisi Shank t shirt. Small world! Don’t sue our ass.

FLABmag: Band names aside, there seems to be an upsurge in popularity for bands with instrumental/experimental sounds. Your band being one of them. How does Adebisi Shank differ from other instrumental bands, aside from being Irish?

Vin: Well for me Adebisi Shank differs because it involves a lot of things like tuning my bass and showing up to places on time, things which I don’t neccesarily have to do for other bands. Apart from that we’re all pretty much made up of atoms, cells, DNA and whatnot.

FLABmag: Since I’ve only recently discovered you guys the following question may be tedious, but I always like to ask, how long have you known each other and how did you meet? When did you start playing music together?
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